Weight Loss Success Stories

July was a great month that started with an interview with Maureen O’Boyle and ended with many amazing weight loss success stories. Here is a recap for the month: (Click here to see video!)


Maureen O’Boyle from WBTV News 3 visited our program to interview our teens and parents with amazing weight loss success stories. One of those teens was Marquis (14 y/o) who lost 25 pounds in just 4 months. Before joining the Lean Teen Program, Marquis tried to lose weight with a personal trainer but was not following a balanced nutrition plan. However, once Marquis became a Lean Teen he finally got the help he needed and the pounds started to disappear.


Lost 25 Pounds in 4 Months!

According to Marquis’ dad, Marc joked, “If I had a million dollars I’d give a million dollars for it, (this program). It’s that great!” When asked about the transformation he’s seen in his son, Marc says it is remarkable the young man Marquis is becoming, “It’s awesome just to have my son happy again and not to be picked on! This makes him feel happy, so we’re happy!” Great job team!


Lost 17 Pounds our First Month!

Brother and sister team Reece and Betsy also had amazing results! By making small daily changes to their eating and exercise habits, together they lost a whopping 17.2 pounds and 17 inches their first month. Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of awesome parents like Mel and Katie. It takes teamwork to build healthy habits and achieve amazing results!


Lost 10 Pounds my First Month!

By combining nutritional guidance, group support, and exercise classes, we are helping teens (ages 8-18) like Khari discover a love for exercise and healthy nutrition. Khari was referred by a local doctor and lost 10 pounds 11 inches in 1 month. According to Khari, “The nutrition plan was easy to follow! Now I know how to balance my plate with the right amount of vegetables, fruits and protein.”

Note: We have many more success stories to share including Brianna (age 14) who lost 4 pounds, Donald (age 12) who lost 5 pounds, Maia (age 16) who lost 13 pounds, David (age 11) who lost 5 pounds, etc… But we don’t have pictures of all our teens. If your teen needs help to develop healthy habits and lose weight please contact us at raisealeanteen.com/register. You will be glad you did!

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