Lean Teen Weight Loss Summer Camp

It is so important for teens to be confident in themselves and to develop a healthy body image especially with all the social pressures they have today. In addition to our Lean Teen Classes, we designed our 10 Week Weight Loss Summer Camp for teens ages 9 to 18 to help them build healthy habits, lose weight, and enhance their self-esteem. Daily classes will include 1 hour of exercise and 1.5 hours of group discussion that will address topics such as decision making, goal setting, body image, nutrition and healthy recipes, communication, coping strategies, overcoming fear, and much more. 

Led by an expert psychotherapist with over 18 years of experience working with teens, each member will receive a personalized nutrition plan and a monthly body composition analysis that will help them to achieve their goals. We will also have separate classes for girls and boys to avoid distractions and allow open communication with the trainer and each other. Space is limited for more individual attention, so please register your teen today! We plan to fill up our summer camp classes quickly at an affordable price of just $25 per week for annual members and $50 per week for non-members.

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Download:  Lean Teen Weight Loss Summer Camp Flyer

Summer Camp

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