The Power of Habits

At the Lean Teen Program, we are a lot more than just fitness and weight loss. Our mission is to give teens the tools to transform their lives and build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. We focus primarily on helping teens develop healthy eating and exercise habits because I strongly believe that to transform their lives, our teens must first learn to master their habits. Their habits will control their destiny!

We don’t realize the power that habits have over our lives because they are automatic. We eat a cookie, watch television, and surf the internet without giving it much thought. Not realizing that our habits shape us. And though each habit means very little on their own, the meals we order, how often we exercise, and the amount of television we watch, together these habits have enormous impact on our health, productivity, and happiness.

Why focus on fitness and weight loss for teens? Teens today have very different habits than teens born 50 years ago. While teens used to spend hours playing sports and games with their friends, now they spend way too much time in front of the television and playing video games. Teens are also eating more fast food and high-calorie processed foods than ever before. And these bad habits are literally killing them!

In fact, obesity is now the number ONE cause of death in our country! Our poor eating and exercise habits are responsible for over 400,000 preventable deaths every year. Studies show that rising diabetes among teens is leading the charge as 1 in 3 American kids and teens is now considered overweight or obese, nearly triple the rate in 1963. The GOOD NEWS is that adolescence is arguably the most important time in a person’s life to start developing healthy habits.

This is why at the Lean Teen Program we are working hard to end childhood obesity and get America back into shape one teen at a time. We are helping teens like Marquis who lost 16 pounds in his first 2 months change his eating and exercise habits and transform his life. We are strongly committed to helping your teen build the strength, confidence, and self-esteem to achieve his or her goals and potential. It is why my wife and I created the Lean Teen Program in the first place!

To good health,
Jorge Martinez


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