What are Lean Teen Classes Like?

We took the chance today to get brief testimonials from some of our Lean Teens. This is what they have to say about the Lean Teen Program in their own words:

DSC00024“Nobody puts pressure on you in the Lean Teen Program. You go at your own pace. I have gotten to learn healthy eating habits and a lot more than I thought I would. I thought the exercise was going to be hard because I wasn’t used to pushing it this hard. But now I have gotten stronger and so far I have lost 5 inches in one month!”
Jordan (16 years old) 


DSC00051“The exercise classes are great and I also really like the group classes. We get to talk about self-esteem, eating healthy, bullying and a lot of other things. And it’s good to have support. When I come here, I get pretty motivated! I’m not over-eating or under-eating. After going through the nutritional plan, I’m a happier me.”
Jace (13 years old)



“My dad showed me the newspaper with the Lean Teen Program and at first I was not sure if I should go. I am very happy he brought me since this place is a lot of fun. I am learning a lot about nutrition and like the workout classes! This is a program all teens should join since they teach you healthy eating and exercise habits.”
Marquis (13 years old)


DSC00026“The adults cheer you on! You set goals and they help you get there. They work on your speed. If you are struggling, they’ll help. I like the other people there and the nice feeling of getting fit and getting healthier. I like the exercise machines and the groups are fun!”
Shannon (11 years old)


DSC00032“I think that the Lean Teen Program is a great place to get to know more people and exercise and learn a lot more about nutrition. This program is a really cool place to come to enjoy yourself and get healthy. I think everyone should join! This program is not only for overweight kids, it is also for teens who would like to have healthy eating habits. This is a great place!”
Maia (16 years old) 

Come visit us today for a FREE Lean Teen Class! You will be glad you did! Plus you will make a lot of new friends with teens just like YOU.

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