Lean Teen Affiliate Program

Do you want to help teens build healthy habits?
Be an entrepreneur & start your own business?


  • Unlimited Growth Potential
  • Explosive Demand. No Competition.
  • High Margins. Low Cost Opportunity.
  • Complete Support and Training
  • Build Buzz and National Exposure
  • Join Us to Make a Real Difference


The Lean Teen Program is expanding rapidly and is looking for Affiliates to own and manage new locations in the growing teen weight loss market.

No Competition. Explosive Industry Growth.

The weight loss market is currently a $67 billion dollar market. Within this market, there are untapped niches worth another $3 billion. While there are many weight loss programs that serve the adult weight loss market, few target the rapidly growing teen weight loss market. The time is now to invest in the teen weight loss industry since this is an underserved market with unlimited growth potential and no competition. With a small investment in our company you can now be a part of this dynamic industry!

Low Cost Opportunity and High Profitability

The Lean Teen Program is designed as an affordable and flexible way to help your weight loss center target the teen weight loss market. Our small square-footage business model requires minimal equipment and a small staff. Keeping the overhead low is the key to keeping a small business profitable. By providing a complete weight loss program with high margins to an underserved market, we are confident that the Lean Teen Program will help you build a successful business.

Complete Support and National Exposure

We are passionate about helping teens and are committed in winning the war against childhood obesity! We will provide our affiliates with unparalleled support, in-depth materials, comprehensive training and marketing guidance. We will also build a dynamic brand through referrals, social media, and local and national news. Our mission is to promote excellence in everything we do by supporting our affiliates and teens as we build the national exposure necessary to end childhood obesity.

Make a Real Difference

Obesity is now the number ONE cause of death in our country! Studies show that rising diabetes among teens is leading the charge as more adults develop heart disease and stroke early in life. The good news is that all this is preventable! Adolescence is arguably the most important time in a person’s life to start developing healthy habits. By helping teens achieve permanent weight loss, you will make a real difference as we work together to get America back into shape one teen at a time.

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