Just a few quick reminders…

We are excited to see all our teens coming back from Spring Break! Living a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong commitment and we are here to help you and your family on your journey.

Here are a few quick reminders to guide you: 

  • We are always here to help you.  If you need anything or want to schedule an appointment to review your teen’s nutrition plan please let us know. You can also contact us anytime at (704) 614-6700 or email us with any questions or concerns.
  • Workout with a trainer on Fridays.  We recommend that our teens come to class at least twice per week since consistency is key to building healthy habits. Fridays is a great day to make up missed workouts and get more personalized attention from our trainers.
  • Great deal on heart rate monitors.  We recommend that all our teens use a heart rate monitor during class. In case you need to buy one Amazon is selling Polar FT4 Monitors for only $55.99 with free shipping. This is an amazing deal – Click Here for link.
  • We are always grateful for referrals.  We always reward our members with a FREE month for any new referrals. It is our way of saying “thanks!” for referring teens that need our help.
  • Join our Parent Walking Groups.  Our Parent Walking Groups are growing rapidly! This is a great way to exercise and you get to meet other parents (Plus you get 2 free shirts). If you are interested in joining our groups please sign up at the front desk.
  • Parent/Teen Exercise Classes.  Helping families become healthy together is very important to us! Come join us and get a great workout with your teen on Saturday 4/25 for our next parent/teen class. We will have only teen exercise classes this Saturday.
  • Thank you again for your support.  We are strongly committed to give your teen the tools to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. And are always grateful for your support!

Thank You

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