Investing in our Parents

Do you know what the No. 1 way in which a parent can help their child lose weight and develop healthy habits? According to research, the best way for parents to help their children shed excess pounds is to be a healthy role model. This is why we are proactively investing in our parents!

According to Kerri Boutelle, professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at the University of California, “Parents are the most significant people in a child’s environment, serving as their most important teachers. They play a significant role in any weight-loss program for children, and studies confirm the importance of their example in establishing healthy eating and exercise behaviors for their kids.”

3 Things YOU Can do to be a Healthy Role Model: 

1) Comparentse Join our Parent Walking Groups

This is a great way to exercise and develop a relationship with other parents! Plus you get 2 free shirts and the opportunity to have a monthly BMI analysis. Once we have enough members, we will separate our walking groups into a social group and a speed walking group. This will allow you to choose which group will work best to meet your exercise goals.

2) CoParentsme Workout with Your Teen

Helping families become healthy together is very important to us! Our parent/teen exercise classes have been a huge success thanks to the participation of all our parents. We are continuing our classes every other Saturday and will host our next class on Saturday October 25th. Come join us for another great class!

green and red healthy food3) Follow Your Teen’s Nutrition Plan

The best way to help your teen build healthy eating habits is to set a good example. Here are the top 5 tips to promote healthy eating: 1) Have regular family meals, 2) Cook more meals at home, 3) Get your teen involved in shopping for groceries and preparing meals, 4) Make a variety of healthy snacks available, and 5) Limit portion sizes.

At the Lean Teen Program, we are strongly committed to helping you and your family build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Thank you again for your support and for being a great role model!

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