NEXT GEN FITNESS CORP – is the home of the Lean Teen Program

Next Gen Fitness is now serving ages 6 – 18 yr olds —-  it is the home of the Lean Kids & Lean Teen Program.  Our fitness will work for all Athletes and kids ages 6-18 that want to be fit and healthy.   Learn about nutrition (practiced as a family – 24 by 7), participate in our peer to peer discussions (30 minutes in each 6 or 7 PM class) where the kids will talk about social issues , self esteem, self  confidence, home & school life on monday and tuesdays. They will discuss fitness and nutrition group peer discussions on Weds..  and of Course – GAME DAY is thursday evening.  Friday night is always Friendly Friday – bring a friend day.  It is an interactive approach to getting all to participate and set their own goals and objectives. Our coaches facilitate discussions around today’s issues and have talking points for ages 13 and under and 13 and up..  Lastly don’t forget about our 31 pre-programmed workouts with over 160 exercises – which take kids through high intensity interval training – mixed  in with Cardio, Abs, Core Upper body and lower body exercises..  A little bit of everything including having fun.

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