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The Workout

If you think it takes hours of grueling gym time to see real change, then think again. In just thirty minutes you can get a great workout! Our Lean Teen exercise classes consist of a 30 minute total body workout that includes a 2 minute warm-up, 25 minutes of circuit training, and a 3 minute cool down. All our exercise classes use hydraulic equipment designed to be safe for teens and to provide the right amount of resistance. It helps our teens to build lean muscle and to burn calories more quickly!

Our focus with circuit training is to help stimulate the muscles while also keeping the heart rate elevated. Our rest periods never exceed 60 seconds. Having short rest periods helps to keep the heart rate elevated and the body at fat burning levels. We also require our teens to use a heart rate monitor to ensure they are exercising at the right intensity level without going overboard and risking injury (normally 65-85 percent of their maximum heart rate).  Continue reading

Welcome to the Lean Teen Blog!

My name is Jorge Martinez and I am the President and Founder of the Lean Teen Program. My wife, Kalina, is the Program Director and has over 18 years of experience as a psychotherapist and high school counselor working with teens. We started the Lean Teen Program in 2003 because we saw a great need to help teens develop healthy habits, lose weight, and improve their quality of life. The fact is that obesity is currently the number ONE cause of death in our country as more adults develop heart disease and stroke early in life. The GOOD NEWS is that all this preventable!

My wife and I truly believe that adolescence is the most important time in a person’s life to start developing healthy habits. The Lean Teen Blog is another tool we plan to use to inspire, motivate and educate teens to help them reach their goals and achieve permanent weight loss. Our journey is a story filled with challenges, perseverance, hope and lots of faith! It began in 2002 as we ventured into entrepreneurship to follow our passion and start a fitness and weight loss center that we named Ladies Inshape.  Continue reading