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Teen Weight Loss Program

One of every three children and teens in the U.S. is either overweight or obese. If you are a teen struggling with excess weight, you are not alone. Many teens today find it hard to maintain a healthy weight. And many parents find it hard to help their teens develop healthy eating and exercise habits.

The Lean Teen Program is the only year-round, affordable fitness and weight loss program designed especially for teens. By combining nutrition, support, and exercise, our program gives teens the tools to transform their lives and build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Continue reading

Investing in our Parents

Do you know what the No. 1 way in which a parent can help their child lose weight and develop healthy habits? According to research, the best way for parents to help their children shed excess pounds is to be a healthy role model. This is why we are proactively investing in our parents!

According to Kerri Boutelle, professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at the University of California, “Parents are the most significant people in a child’s environment, serving as their most important teachers. They play a significant role in any weight-loss program for children, and studies confirm the importance of their example in establishing healthy eating and exercise behaviors for their kids.”

3 Things YOU Can do to be a Healthy Role Model: 

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Meal Makeovers

Any meal can be transformed into a healthy plate. Compare these meal makeovers and you will be amazed how just a few changes can make a big difference.

Here are 5 easy tips to follow to makeover any plate:
1) Add more fruits and vegetable to every meal.
2) Drink plenty of water or other calorie-free drinks.
3) Eat five smaller meals instead of two big meals.
4) Feel full by getting more fiber and nutrients.
5) Try healthy snacks and avoid empty calories.

Download:  Meal Makeovers

Fish and Chips

The Power of Habits

At the Lean Teen Program, we are a lot more than just fitness and weight loss. Our mission is to give teens the tools to transform their lives and build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. We focus primarily on helping teens develop healthy eating and exercise habits because I strongly believe that to transform their lives, our teens must first learn to master their habits. Their habits will control their destiny!

We don’t realize the power that habits have over our lives because they are automatic. We eat a cookie, watch television, and surf the internet without giving it much thought. Not realizing that our habits shape us. And though each habit means very little on their own, the meals we order, how often we exercise, and the amount of television we watch, together these habits have enormous impact on our health, productivity, and happiness. Continue reading

What are Lean Teen Classes Like?

We took the chance today to get brief testimonials from some of our Lean Teens. This is what they have to say about the Lean Teen Program in their own words:

DSC00024“Nobody puts pressure on you in the Lean Teen Program. You go at your own pace. I have gotten to learn healthy eating habits and a lot more than I thought I would. I thought the exercise was going to be hard because I wasn’t used to pushing it this hard. But now I have gotten stronger and so far I have lost 5 inches in one month!”
Jordan (16 years old)  Continue reading