5 Myths about Teen Weight Loss

To build lifelong healthy habits it is important to start early! The reality is that once you are an adult it is very difficult to change your habits. If you don’t believe me, look at the numbers. Even though during the last 50 years over 30,500 fitness centers have been built, the overweight and obesity rates have continued to skyrocket from 47% to 67% among adults. Instead of training adults to change their habits, we need to teach our kids how to build healthy habits as EARLY as possible! Continue reading

Lean Teen News Video

As part of a segment for Fit Kids February, Claudine Chalfant from TWC News visited our program to interview our teens with amazing weight loss success stories. One of those teens was our first boy Marquis (14 y/o) who lost 50 pounds in just 6 months. Before joining the Lean Teen Program, Marquis tried to lose weight with a personal trainer but was not following a balanced nutrition plan. Once he became a Lean Teen he finally got the help he needed! Watch News Video:

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The Lean Teen Program is expanding rapidly and is looking for Affiliates to own and manage new locations in the growing teen weight loss market. Continue reading