5 Myths about Teen Weight Loss

To build lifelong healthy habits it is important to start early! The reality is that once you are an adult it is very difficult to change your habits. If you don’t believe me, look at the numbers. Even though during the last 50 years over 30,500 fitness centers have been built, the overweight and obesity rates have continued to skyrocket from 47% to 67% among adults. Instead of training adults to change their habits, we need to teach our kids how to build healthy habits as EARLY as possible!

As the owners of the Lean Teen Program, my wife and I are helping many kids and teens to build healthy habits and achieve their goals. And even though we have the highest teen weight loss success rates in Charlotte, losing weight is not always easy. After many conversations with teens and parents struggling in this area, there are several weight loss myths that often hold people back from achieving success. The following are the 5 most common teen weight loss myths:

Myth #1: You can Skip the Vegetables

To have a balanced nutrition plan, it is essential that teens get used to eating more vegetables. Making a vegetable smoothie is a good alternative for teens that do not like their texture. However, completely skipping vegetables is out of the question since they are high in nutrients and low in calories. Click Here for 11 green smoothie recipes to help your teen eat more like a rabbit!

Myth #2: Working Out is Always Fun

When it comes down to exercising it is all about training teens to be consistent! According to Scarlette Johansson who is in the new Captain America movie, she got in shape for the role of the Black Widow doing “boring 5am workouts.” It wasn’t about the coolest workout fad, the latest gadget, or the latest exercise moves, it was about working out even when she did not want to.  

Myth #3: You Don’t Need to Lift Weights

Lifting weights is essential to building lean muscle and having a fast metabolism! That is why it is important that teens get used to doing strength training at an early age. To stay fit for her role as the Black Widow, Scarlett likes to “work out like a guy!” And even though she prefers lifting weights to cardio, it is important that teens learn to include both in any workout routine.

Myth #4: You Just Need to Exercise More

Even though exercise can be beneficial, it is not the lack of exercise that is causing the obesity epidemic in this country. When it comes to losing weight, nutrition makes up 80% of the equation. The fact is you cannot out-exercise bad eating habits! That is why it essential teens learn how to eat balanced meals, control portions, and make healthier food choices as early as possible. 

Myth #5: Diet Soda, Juices, and Weight Loss

When it comes to building lifelong healthy habits, drinking 8 glasses of water is a must. Teens cannot replace water with juices or diet sodas! Water helps us stay hydrated and increases our metabolic rate which is important for weight loss. On the other hand, juices and diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners that are toxic and directly affect our hormone levels. 

It is all about Balance and Consistency

At the Lean Teen Program, we specialize on training teens to build healthy habits that last a lifetime! If your teens needs help losing weight, please call us today at (704) 614-6700 or register for a free class at http://leanteenprogram.com/register. Weight loss does not need to be something your teen has to face alone! It is all about learning balance and consistency and having the right guidance and support to be successful. We can help you and your family build healthy habits!

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